Live as modern-day Amazons in Brazil (photos)

Live as modern-day Amazons in Brazil (photos)

The city, in which there is no place for men.

While some women defend their rights in a world ruled by men, others are already more than a hundred years to build their own matriarchal society.

Town Noiva do Cordeiro, located in Brazil is a real woman’s Kingdom. In the settlement live and work about 600 women of all ages. Basically, living here is not the first generation of modern Amazons, but local women are always looking for new people, but because to live there, can any new girl.

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Noiva do Cordeiro was founded in 1891 by Maria Senorina de Lima, which was expelled from his native city for cheating on her husband, whom she was given in against her will. After the brave woman decided to start life with a clean slate and founded their own settlement, and following five generations, officially excommunicated from the Catholic Church. But it does not greatly upset.

Maria founded the perfect feminine society, in which there is no rivalry, jealousy and the spirit of excellence. All members of the commune consider themselves a family (and actually, after a few generations, you already are). Women are mostly engaged in agriculture, build, prepare and arrange holidays.