A rescued cat found the best friends among the sheep

A rescued cat found the best friends among the sheep

He just loves spending time with other animals.

The story of two year old cat named ed so touching that instantly made him a hero news and social networks.

The cutest pals! https://t.co/2enaMBtE6p

— Metro (@MetroUK) October 19, 2018

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In 2016 the owner of the farm in Scotland with Ali, strolling with their dogs, accidentally found on the roadside a four-week kitten. He was all alone, scared and very hungry, so without thinking for a second, Ali took the baby to his home. Since then, he became the family pet.

According to Ali, ed is a very affectionate cat and he absolutely loves all the animals on the farm, including dogs, chickens and cows. But the particularly close relationship he had with two young lambs Jonah and the Cloud.

Trio is virtually inseparable. They walk together, play and sleep, having nestled to each other.

Than sheep so liked ed, nobody knows, but their love is mutual. Jonah and the Cloud is also a step not depart from your furry friend.

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