The island of Phuket have discovered a two-meter crocodile, catch it failed

The island of Phuket have discovered a two-meter crocodile, catch it failed

BANGKOK, July 20 — RIA Novosti. The crocodile, the third day of floating in the sea near Rawai beach and the neighbouring beaches of Phuket in Thailand, was able to get away from the experts on catching from the Department of fisheries, poddernuv under expanded their network, and again disappeared, said on Friday the online version of the newspaper Bangkok Post.

On Wednesday, the fishermen photographed in the sea near Rawai beach animal, in shape resembling a crocodile. After they questioned the fact that the subject in the photo was just a crocodile. However, the operation for finding and catching reptiles began on Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon, the crocodile was again seen in the waves near one of the beaches, neighbouring Rawai beach.

Until Friday morning, the group of rescuers and specialists on catching crocodiles involved in a three-day search operation, had doubts about the fact that the fishermen, caused the rescuers photographed in a sea crocodile. On Friday, these doubts completely dispelled when an adult saltwater crocodile longer than two meters appeared in the water near the boat of the rescuers dived under expanded their network and disappeared, the newspaper reports.

Crocodile near beaches! Exclusive!

Video with a crocodile! A rare cadre of a predator was shot by the operator Love Rawai. The third day continues the operation to capture a large crocodile found in the area beaches Nai Harn and Yanui. Until the time the crocodile is caught, swimming in these areas is limited.

Published Love Rawai Friday, 20 July 2018,while downloading an error has occurred.

Operation for catching reptiles, for some unknown reason, caught in the sea off Phuket beaches continues, the report said. The members of operation hope to catch the animal when it is tired of the persecution and reduce the speed of movement. The operation to capture the crocodile much in the way wind and high waves.

Previously, saltwater crocodiles, the usual habitat of which is considerably South of Phuket, has repeatedly appeared in the sea off the coast of a tourist island, but such cases are extremely rare. In a few cases seen last year in the sea off Phuket marine crocodiles were “fugitives” from private zoos.