A resident of Novosibirsk being tickled and made to laugh the frog

A resident of Novosibirsk being tickled and made to laugh the frog

A funny video appeared on YouTube on July 18. It the inhabitant of Novosibirsk Valentin Lutaev laugh frog. The man stroked the amphibian’s stomach, after which it began to croak, all the others cheered.

“In early June, after the opening of the bathing season on our lake is Crooked, my family was returning home, — says Valentin Lutaev. — On the paved road leaping frog, which caught our attention with its sheer size. I her sons are caught, taken to the country and released after a detailed study. And recently, when we returned to the cottage, we found our frog in the bath, which I used to just splash my children — Kostya and Kiril. Apparently, she liked us, and we’re caught again. Kids are interesting animals”.

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However, once in hand, the frog suddenly stopped. “She pretended to be dead, ceased to give life signs, I even was frightened, — continues Valentine. I turned it over and began to tell the children where and what parts it has. And accidentally patted his belly. And suddenly, she will zahochet touch! It was funny. This I have never seen. The sight was unique. The kids love it. And it behaves almost like a cat when you RUB her feet”. Unfortunately, all further attempts to amuse the frog Valentin failed.