Under the earth was found quadrillions of tons of diamonds

Under the earth was found quadrillions of tons of diamonds

Deep beneath the Earth’s surface there are huge deposits of diamonds. We hardly ever get to them, but they can help us to understand how the Earth itself.

To look at the earth, scientists use sound waves. Unlike light, sound travels through the stone and listening to it, scientists can find out a lot about the structure of our planet.

Usually, these sounds come from earthquakes or volcanic explosions, and studying seismic waves, scientists can determine what materials are underground. With this method the scientists were studying a strange anomaly that occurs when seismic waves pass through the structure called the craton roots. These structures are very ancient and represent a very dense rock formations similar to to down the mountain, which lies hundreds of kilometers under the most tectonic plates.

Because of their density sound waves pass through the craton roots much faster than most rocks. But for some reason over the last few decades it has become clear that the waves move with greater speed than was shown by the simulation. A group of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology decided to investigate this oddity and suggested that some of the material within the craton roots accelerates the propagation of waves.

Using computer models, scientists have studied how the sound will be spread in the roots of different species. And only one simulation coincided with the already obtained result. This speed could be achieved only if the roots of the craton consist not only of stone, but for diamond, the content of which must be at least at the level of 1-2%.

Craton roots make up a significant part of the lithosphere. And if even 2% of these structures consists of diamonds, this means that in the vast depths buried quadrillions of tons of precious stones. That’s just up to them about a couple of hundred kilometers, so that the mine to dig in there will not work. It turns out that the diamond is not so rare material, only to get it in industrial quantities is almost impossible.