Netizens said about the giant useless gifts

Netizens said about the giant useless gifts

When size matters.

It all started with a girl under the name Oscarewilde. She has published in social networks the giant pencil, which she once gave for a birthday.

i received this comically large pencil as a gift several years ago and my first thought, or not, was ‘what the christ am i meant to do with this?’

— ? (@oscarewilde) July 12, 2018

I got this huge pencil as a gift a few years ago, and my first thought was “then what should I do with this?”

According to the girl, at first she was upset because of a stupid gift, but then she came up with a fun idea, how to use it. With his help, she started trolling classmates, offering those who forgot the house handle, your extraordinary pencil. The choice of these poor students did and they took it, and the author of the post, meanwhile, was gloating.

In the comments some accused the girl of being cruel, but others thought the joke fit and began to share their stories about the huge and useless gifts.

Standing by if they ever need this.

— Pat Foran (@patridesabike) July 13, 2018

If you need it I can borrow

I kept one of these so people wouldn’t steal my lighter

— John Dandison P ☁☁☁ (@AzureAndChill) July 12, 2018

Kept my lighter to her no one else did.

Hell Yeah I thought the same thing !!

— DeadPixel (@DeadPixel1134) July 15, 2018

Yeah, I thought so too.

I worked at a restaurant where I bartended and delt with the to-go orders.

The servers would always steal the pens that I’d have to sign out the credit cards, so I went to Party City and bought big novelty pens like these.

Problem solved.

— Len (@WordManWord) July 15, 2018

I worked in a restaurant and prepares food to take away. The waiters were constantly stealing pens, which I laid out on the table to sign checks for payment with a credit card. Then I went to the gift shop and bought a couple of these pens. The problem was solved.

I own one of the boring aspirins! But everyone was doubtful the store existed and said we must have gotten it somewhere else.

— W | I | T | C | H (@notveryalice) July 13, 2018

I have this aspirin tablet. But doubted that I bought it in the store and thought I got it in a secret place.

For the confused people

— Haunter Hexx (@Haunter__) July 14, 2018

Beauty sharpener cucumber to confuse people.

*polite cough*

— Kevin Clark (@kevinclarkjp) July 13, 2018

My brother got me a ridiculously large pencil years ago, too. Lost the plastic cap for it though.

— Sumeya E. Alington (@sumeyaalington) July 14, 2018

My brother also gave me a ridiculous giant pencil a year ago. I just the plastic cap was lost.