Looks like the largest “natural bridge” (photo)

Looks like the largest “natural bridge” (photo)

Until recently, outside of China about it no one knew.

Extraordinary bridge, which is called “fairy”, is located in the Autonomous province of Guangxi in southern China. Once it was a limestone rock, but the water had washed away the lower part of and get huge arch.

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The bridge is located away from the tourist routes, and therefore outside of China about this place long no one knew. Only in 2009 traveler Jay Wilbur saw the bridge on the map, and in 2010 he went to China personally to explore.

After the measurements revealed that the Fairy bridge is the largest natural bridge in the world. Its length is 138 meters and a height of 71 meters.

The Immortal or Xianren Bridge, the world’s largest natural arch with a spahttps://t.co/GlKe4PLoDF pic.twitter.com/vtUBhiFSDq

— PhotonFlux (@PhotonFluxCA) February 23, 2017

At 400 feet the Xianren Bridge is the worlds largest natural arch. Located in a very remote area in Guangxi #China pic.twitter.com/nLh5u21qLB

— Beautiful world (@magicearth_) August 25, 2015

China’s Xianren Bridge, the World’s Longest Natural Arch, wasn’t Discovered Until 2009 https://t.co/Ep6bYoPkUr pic.twitter.com/d8xUBE2tYW

— World of Nature (@WorldfNature) June 26, 2017

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