Found the script of Stanley Kubrick’s Novella, Stefan Zweig

Found the script of Stanley Kubrick’s Novella, Stefan Zweig

In the UK, found lost more than half a century ago, the script by Stanley Kubrick. Directed in collaboration with writer Calder Willingham wrote it in 1956 on the Stefan Zweig Novella “Burning secret” (1913). Found the text Professor of cinematography Bangor University in Wales Nathan Abrams.

Despite the fact that the script is fully completed, the film it did not put. As informs edition The Guardian, the probable cause was the failure of MGM to work on the project when it became clear that Stanley Kubrick already takes another movie — “Paths of glory”, which violated the terms of the contract. Another version of producer James B. Harris saw in the scenario building.

The plot of the novel, mother and son, who suffers from asthma attack, come to the sanatorium, where they meet a mysterious stranger. The boy realizes that between his mother and a man appears a connection. Time to find a couple, the hero prevents to be cheating, and preserves the mystery of the mother from his father, thereby saving the family.

To film the novel was a success former assistant to Kubrick’s Andrew Birkin in 1988.