In the Crimea formed kilometers-long traffic jams due to the influx of tourists

In the Crimea formed kilometers-long traffic jams due to the influx of tourists

On a serious tube in the Crimea began to complain about travellers.


Most of the problems on the stretch from the village of seaside to Feodosiya to stand there in the heat in the mash accounts for about 20 km, the traffic jam going both ways. Drivers criticize new bumpers. The road shall be: until you finish building the track “Tavrida” jams will not disappear. A two-lane road from Kerch to Simferopol is expected to open in late 2018, but to run all four scheduled bands — in 2020.

Travelling in the Crimea, motorists began to complain on social networks for the serious traffic jams that regularly occur in certain areas of the Peninsula with the arrival of the holiday season. Most often, the discontent of drivers is causing the cut length of approximately 20 km from the village of seaside to Feodosiya, and spend decent time there you have to travel to both ends. The increase in the intensity of the flow of tourists, and lots of trucks, and, of course, large-scale construction of the highway “Tavrida”.

“Crimea is tightly standing in traffic jams. Tube are endless. And even in the most seemingly minor areas, small towns. Well, Sevastopol, Simferopol — clear. But even Sudak, Alushta, Yalta, Saki “blush” stable. The leaders of the traffic — Yalta Primorsky” — write the drivers in social networks.

“Record probing. More than 17 km And it is in the heat of +35”, — wrote in social networks Alexander Shevchenko. Agree with him and Irina Savidi, which was not decent words to describe your experience. Motorists who travel on this stretch at about 7 am I assure that early in the morning this place you can rush to the congestion. If the tube still together, many are advised to use the detour, but be warned — the road is very low quality: something simpler than the crossover there better not to meddle.

The way this road was described even by one of the local bloggers under the name of the Captain of the Crimea, which warned that about 22 km of the road drivers have to drive on the dirt road and another part — in the pits. The proposed path offers to drive around Feodosia and back on the road P-23 is a road that connects Kerch, Feodosia and Simferopol.

Motorist Olga Bralic, however, this option is criticized. “We went round. Of course, the road like a washboard and dusty. But you can go,” wrote a traveler in social networks.

“From Losevo checked out in the morning around 5 hours to Krasnodar flying without traffic jams. The post was pretty uneventful. “Traffic cops” carefully looking at cars, but no one with me did not stop. The Navigator leads you through Slavyansk-na-Kubani, and led through Krymsk. And so it went. There were a couple of traffic jams on the two crossings, they have lost a total of 30-40 min. In front of the tube in Feodosia Navigator took a detour to the Congress in the area of the Battle. We went. First fields, then the road of gravel. Traveling very dust, go shake and it seems that the road never ends. In a car it is better not to go, and knock in the tube. Got out on the track and in the pike perch was around 17.00,” — said the traveler in the group “M4 don road to the Crimea, Gelendzhik, Anapa, Sochi.”