Tusk revealed the attitude of the tramp toward Ukraine

Tusk revealed the attitude of the tramp toward Ukraine

MOSCOW, 15 Nov — RIA Novosti. The President of the United States, Donald trump said Donald Tusk that he was interested in motives of Russian policy towards Ukraine, however, he admitted that the Ukraine is experiencing much less enthusiasm. The head of the European Council told the Polish television channel TVN24, reports “European true”.

In June at the summit “the Big seven”, as reported by the media, trump said that the Crimea belongs to Russia, because there live Russian. In addition, the head of the White house questioned the advisability of providing financial assistance to Kiev, stressing that “Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.”

In July, trump said he did not “allow” the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, if I was a President in 2014. However, he blamed his predecessor Barack Obama.

Crimea became part of Russia after the Peninsula referendum in 2014. For reunification with Russia voted more than 96 percent of Crimean people. The Russian authorities have repeatedly stated that the residents of Crimea decided in a democratic way, consistent with international law and the UN Charter. Russian President Vladimir Putin has also stressed that the issue of Crimea “closed permanently”.

The West has repeatedly accused Russia of meddling in Ukraine’s Affairs. Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is not a party to domestic conflict and is interested in Ukraine overcoming political and economic crisis.