In Japan as a result of downpours has killed 216 people

In Japan as a result of downpours has killed 216 people

TOKYO, July 15. /TASS/ — a few dozen people remain unaccounted for or are not contacted, said the police headquarters of the country.


The number of victims of heavy rains and resultant floods and landslides in Japan reached 216 people. On Sunday announced the main police force of the country.

According to recent reports, several dozen people are reported missing or not communicating. Local emergency services with the support of the police and soldiers of the defense Forces continue the search and rescue operation. Thousands of volunteers from across the country arrived in the Western regions of Japan to provide aid to victims of the disaster.

As a result of floods and landslides in 31 of the 47 Japanese prefectures at least 160 houses completely destroyed, about 700 were seriously damaged, more than 25 thousand flooded. Almost 6 thousand people are still in special evacuation centers, unable to return to their homes. The situation is complicated by the fact that the whole territory of Japan sank the heat — the arrows of thermometers in the early morning of the resurrection kept on a mark above 30 degrees.

Powerful torrential rains hit Japan in the middle of last week due to the impact of Typhoon “Prapiroon”. In some areas of the country in a few days fell more than 1 m of precipitation, leading to river flooding and frequent landslides. This is the largest death toll from floods in Japan since 1953. Then on the island of Kyushu in the West of the country killed 759 people, more than 450 thousand homeless.