Mei called the Brexit scenario is the only true

Mei called the Brexit scenario is the only true

British Prime Minister Theresa may declared the scenario of Kingdom’s exit from the EU the only true. This position it was stated in an article published by the Daily Mail newspaper.

“My message to the country this weekend is simple: we don’t have to take your eyes off the prize (benefits Brexit — ed.),” writes the Prime Minister.

She called the deal the will of the British people, and the Brexit scenario — opportunity “to secure a new bright future of a country outside the European Union.”

“This will restore our national sovereignty, now the government will decide who will come into the country, the Parliament will accept our laws, and our courts will apply them. This will put an end to the extensive membership fees that we pay to Brussels,” — said in the material.

After leaving the EU, Britain will be able to conduct an independent trade policy and conclude new trade deals with allies, including the United States. It is possible that the relationship with Brussels through the customs Union it is called the “absolute betrayal” of the UK, as this will negate the gains from Brexit a trading plan.

Mae notes that its way “is best for Britain” and will help to preserve relations with the European Union for cooperation in the field of economy and security. Otherwise, Brexit will be a “disastrous and messy”, not bringing any benefit.

The UK leaving the EU on 29 March 2019. Then comes the transition period, which will last until 31 December 2020.

July 12 publication of the full option (white paper) strategies Brexit. The government intends to ease the procedure for cooperation with European countries, in particular in matters of security, migration, terrorism and international development.

London is planning to abandon the principle of freedom of movement and trade to introduce a special customs regime with the EU and pursue an independent trade policy with its own representation in the WTO.

Such a scenario Brexit is considered “soft.” Theresa may in her plans did not support the foreign Minister, Boris Johnson and Minister for Brexit David Davies both resigned than “somewhat surprised” by the Prime Minister.