The Kremlin has revealed the format of the meeting Putin and trump

The Kremlin has revealed the format of the meeting Putin and trump

MOSCOW, July 13. /TASS/ — the Negotiations will begin at 13:00, limits on duration no.

Meeting of presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump will start at 13:00 Helsinki time (coincides with Moscow) and will be held at the presidential Palace. This was announced by the assistant of the Russian President Yuri Ushakov, who also told reporters, in what format the negotiations will be.

“July 16, Helsinki, the presidential Palace in the centre of the Finnish capital”, — he said, speaking about the meeting place. “Scheduled to begin at 13:00”, — Ushakov said, Recalling that trump will arrive in Helsinki in advance, and Putin on Monday. “How much time the presidents take to communicate, we don’t know. There are no limits not on our side,” he added.

Ushakov said that “the meeting starts with a conversation tet-a-tet in the presence of interpreters.” “Then will take place the Russian-American talks, obviously, in the format of a working Breakfast, to be attended by some members of the delegations,” said assistant to the President.

“Then the leaders will hold a joint press conference,” — said Ushakov. “Provides the speeches of presidents, and then the leaders will answer four questions: two questions from each side,” he said, noting that this is a typical format for press conferences.

Ushakov did not give importance to the formalities of diplomatic Protocol, according to which the hall, where negotiations at the highest level, generally assigned to one side or the other. “This question [on whose territory the meeting] is the simplest and, in my opinion, it does not bother neither Russian nor American,” he said.

Arrangements for the meeting in Helsinki was preceded by certain diplomatic work held in private, a meeting both parties are agreed, all agreed, how it will happen. All it meets.Yuri Useconomic of the Russian President

The presidential aide also complained to various media reports claiming that allegedly trump insisted on the format of “one on one” in the beginning of the meeting. “It was all agreed upon, and responds to our interests, and we also want to see the meeting began in this format”, — he explained.

The final documents will not be

Putin and trump do not plan to adopt the final document at the meeting, but during negotiations they can give appropriate instructions to their delegations.

Resolved not to agree on the text of the joint statement and provide an opportunity for the presidents to decide whether a joint document or they will be limited to summarizing the results at a press conference.Yuri Useconomic of the Russian President

“The latest version, I think it’s more realistic,” — said Ushakov.

The Deputy President noted that the delegation of the Russian leader will be at the ready experts. “If necessary, will be quick to cook — if the agreement — any joint documents,” he explained.

“Nord stream — 2”

Putin and trump plan to discuss a number of economic issues, including the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”.

Ushakov stressed that the U.S. position on this project is troubling, Russia is unconstructive and contradicts the rules of international trade. “This topic is key for us. We are naturally concerned about America’s position on anti-implementation of the European project “Northern stream — 2”. This will be discussed and we will outline the argument, and, in our view, the question is about economic competition,” — said Ushakov.

Locations for the supply of energy resources to Europe will be enough for all, so we the American position seems counterproductive and contrary to the basic rules of international trade and economic relations in General.Yuri Useconomic of the President of the Russian Federation

According to the assistant to the head of the Russian Federation, the subject of cooperation in the energy sector is key for US, given that trump has raised it at a recent NATO summit.

Speaking about the U.S. sanctions against “RUSAL”, Ushakov said that these restrictive measures hurt most businesses in the United States. “Us sanctions prohibitions hurt most American businesses. For example, aluminum semi-finished products are supplied to RUSAL, a deal with which needs to be terminated before October, was processed in U.S. factories, employing 70 thousand Americans,” — said Ushakov.

Assistant to the President described the level of trade-economic relations between Russia and the US as very low and does not meet the potential of the two countries.

According to him, the Kremlin believes that the economy must be the “safety net” in case of any short-term changes in bilateral relations.

“Therefore, the economy will have to develop. It will be one of the topics to be discussed, we have some concrete proposals in this regard and our President will tell the Tramp in the course of the conversation,” — said Ushakov.

The crisis in Syria

The settlement in Syria will be one of the main themes of negotiations of presidents of Russia and the United States.

“A lot of what (can be approx. TASS) to speak in the Syrian context, and if you take the regional conflicts, I personally it seems that the Syrian theme will be one of the main during the conversation, Putin and the tramp”, — said the representative of the Kremlin. He stressed that he will discuss other crisis situation around North Korea, the Iranian nuclear program and settlement in the East of Ukraine.

We believe it is essential that Russia and America to cooperate on the Syrian settlement. Moreover, we believe that the solution to the problem of establishing in this country of peace and harmony can be used as a positive example of work of our countries in the resolution of the most urgent crises of today. Yuri Useconomic of the Russian President

According to Ushakov, “on the agenda — political normalization, the launch of the constitutional process” in Syria. Also, according to the Russian side, “the US and Russia could work together to help resolve the humanitarian crisis and reconstruction of the Syrian economy, to help the return of Syrian refugees”. “This is a good topic for possible joint initiatives, we will talk about this (at the summit in Helsinki approx. TASS),” — said Ushakov.

Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation also has noticed that “Russian and American military had acquired useful experience of mutual coordination (in Syria) and they have developed operational communication channels and this has allowed and allows them to avoid dangerous incidents, some inadvertent situations in the air and on the ground.” “This is very important,” concluded Ushakov.

He said other areas of cooperation between the two countries on Syria, including in the framework of the Geneva process. Ushakov reminded that the participation of the Russian Federation and the United States was created Umansky monitoring center monitoring the situation, exchange of information on facts of violation of the cessation of hostilities in the South area of de-escalation in Syria, and in the course of the APEC summit in Vietnam in November last year signed a Joint statement of Putin and trump, which seeks to facilitate a political settlement in Syria.