The Kremlin will wait for “political enlightenment” of the British government

The Kremlin will wait for “political enlightenment” of the British government

Moscow. July 10. INTERFAX.RU IN the Kremlin expect “political enlightenment” in the British leadership on the issue of relations with Russia, as well as clarification on the incident with the poisoning Skipala and the ensuing events, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.


“You know that recently President Putin talked about the fact that, certainly, sooner or later this page (the current relations between Russia and the UK — if) necessary to turn. We expect, say, political enlightenment in the UK in this regard”, — he told reporters.

Of course, we still, sooner or later, expect any clear explanations or arguments on the recent situation in Salisbury and the situation that followed.Dmitry Pescovitz Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation

He said that the contribution of the resigned from the post of British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in the development of relations with Russia was very modest. “We can assess the Ministers of other countries only on the basis of the criterion of the contribution they have made to the development and expansion of bilateral relations with Russia”, — said Peskov.

“Unfortunately, the contribution of Boris Johnson in the development of British-Russian relations can be assessed as very modest, to say the least,” continued the press Secretary of the Russian President.

So he answered the question about counting in the Kremlin with the departure of Johnson to the possibility of change for the better in relations between Russia and Britain.

On Monday, Johnson resigned as head of the British foreign office, his place was taken by health Minister Jeremy hunt. His decision to resign Johnson explained the lack of support for his position on Brexit in the government. Earlier in the day the position of Minister of a British exit from the EU left David Davis.