The Minister for the Olympics, with knowledge of Japanese

The Minister for the Olympics, with knowledge of Japanese

What is known, the new British foreign Secretary Jeremy hunt.

New British foreign Minister Jeremy hunt, appointed on the eve is a retired Boris Johnson, has no diplomatic experience and has never publicly criticized the policy of Moscow. However, he loves to study Asian languages and advocated the preservation of the maximum relations with the European Union after the “Breccia”. “Kommersant” has gathered the most interesting fact about the man who yesterday was the Minister of health, today became Minister of foreign Affairs.

Of previous work

Until yesterday, Jeremy hunt was the Minister of health of great Britain.

This post he held for six years (since 2012) that became a record — even a single head of the British Ministry of health had not remained in this position for so long.

The British Prime Minister, Theresa may, even joked about it. “If Jeremy Corbyn (leader of the labour party, a socialist and the most active opponent of the present government of great Britain.— “B”) would become the Prime Minister, I would be breaking rocks in a penal camp, said Mrs. may at a reception for journalists at the beginning of this year.— But Jeremy hunt, of course, still would be the Minister of health”.

Minister hunt was actively criticized for the increased load on health care. “The strike of young doctors have made it one of the least popular politicians in the UK,” wrote the Financial Times (FT). As argued by the British medical Association, last winter patients had to wait more than 30 minutes (and sometimes hours) before they could inspect the ambulance. In addition, the Association pointed to the lack of beds. Bi-bi-si has linked these problems with the aging British population.

Before appointment in the Ministry of health, Mr hunt took no less remarkable posts.

For example, he was directly involved in the preparation of the summer Olympic games in London 2012. From 2010 to 2012, his position even sounded like “Minister for the Olympic games.”

Even before Mr hunt was Minister of the shadow Cabinet (the organ of the British government in which the opposition control the work of the acting Ministers), also focusing on issues of sports, culture and the media. In addition, it is one of the richest British Ministers last year, the Guardian newspaper estimated his fortune at 14 million pounds.

About foreign interests

Diplomatic experience Jeremy hunt there. However, the British media drew attention to the fact that since 2009 he’s married to a Chinese woman Lucy, and lived in Japan in the early 1990s, soon after graduating from Oxford University.

In Japan, Mr. hunt taught English and studied Japanese in parallel, which is now fluent.

However, this desire Jeremy hunt for foreign languages has not stopped. As the newspaper Daily Mail in 2011, the official has spent more than 2,5 thousand pounds from the budget to study Chinese, probably due to spouses.

Trip to Japan also gave a future Minister several ideas for business, however, is not always successful.