The girl accidentally repeated the meme about her unfaithful boyfriend (photo)

The girl accidentally repeated the meme about her unfaithful boyfriend (photo)

But she only wanted to be photographed with ice cream.

Tricia PEMA from South Africa obviously did not expect that after the holidays spent in Venice together with his sister Deal, will become popular in social networks. And that is exactly what happened thanks to ice cream and a good frame.

While she was trying to make a good photo, the background was the guy with the girl, which exactly repeated the famous meme about the wrong boyfriend: the guy did not embarrassed turned his head, following Trichet, and his girlfriend, did not look happy.

A good picture to Twitter published friend Tricia Amal, and it instantly became viral.

Yall my friend was just tryna take a pic with her ice cream but something about it looked too familiar sdjkjjsj ??

— Amahle (@pjmboothang) July 7, 2018

My friend tried to take a picture with the ice cream, but it came out like something else.

By the way, the interest of a Distracted boyfriend meme is not so far. Netizens found an old painting and a silent film with Charlie Chaplin, which are exactly repeat the story stock photos. In addition, the offended girl out meme there was another funny series of pictures on which she looks extremely surprised.


— ♡????♡ (@SOOYAJICHU) July 7, 2018

Your friend is very pretty, I would have turned my head.

No, he turned around for the ice cream

— R I N U (@rinumangsa) July 8, 2018

No, he turned to look at ice cream.

exactly he wasn’t staring at the girl he was just tryna photobomb lmao

— Matthew ? (@matthewsadlibs) July 8, 2018

I don’t think he was hitting on a girl and just decided to spoil her a photo.

— AHHHH (@j47di) July 7, 2018