The chamber will support changes to pension legislation

The chamber will support changes to pension legislation

July 10. Secretary of the Public chamber Valery Fadeyev, said that the chamber will support changes in the pension legislation if they do not conflict with the objectives of the new of the may presidential decree.

“Pension reform and other actions of the Executive branch, must first contribute to the achievement of the goals that is in the may presidential decree. If we are able so to adjust the proposed bill that is to be achieved, we certainly will support it,” — said Valery Fadeev at a press conference on Tuesday.

The Secretary stressed that raising the retirement age — not “simple accounting” operation: one, this issue brings along a whole layer of issues from the situation on the labour market in the case of the bill to the problems of demography. Because the government, he said, need to specify in details all the consequences and assess the risks.

However, he V. Fadeev called for something to raise the bar of retirement is necessary. “As for raising the retirement age is inevitable,” — said the Secretary OP.

He explained that the “crucial factor” is that “50 million working people contain 40 million pensioners”. “This is a very bad ratio, this is nowhere and there’s nowhere to go,” said Valery Fadeev.

On the eve OP held a “zero reading” of a bill to raise the retirement age.