In the UK talked about the fault of the fireman, who was in charge of putting out the “Winter cherry”

In the UK talked about the fault of the fireman, who was in charge of putting out the “Winter cherry”

The head of the squad! Andrew Burcin misjudged the grade of fire in the “Winter cherry” and sent to the place of less people than was necessary. This July 10 the correspondent of TASS from the courtroom, where it elected a measure of restraint Borsino.


The head of the investigative group Rustam Gabdulin said Burcin has dispatched seven fire engines instead of eleven, provided that for fire in the crowded places. In addition, the head of the detachment gave his staff the order about the fire, but did not control it. Staff commenced work only after 20 minutes.

The Bead co-workers claim he never gave orders to check the screens, where it was most people, and use exhaust fans. Three squads of firefighters unsuccessfully examined the same gym room, two — level other room.

Gabdulin claims that the witnesses and participants of fire extinguishing announced Borsino about the people in the cinema, but he did not realize. The investigation asks the arrest of a firefighter for two months.

Squad Andrew Burcina first arrived on the scene of a fire in TTS “the Winter cherry”. Boursin claims that firefighters found no guards, no administrators. So they didn’t know how many people are still in the Mall.

7 Jul Borsina was arrested, he became the 11th defendant in the case. Fireman served in the MOE since 1993.

March 25 in the shopping center “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo there was a fire. Killed 60 people, most of them children. The investigation revealed that the building was not complied with fire regulations: fire exits were closed and the fire alarm went off guard.