Thailand started the third phase of the operation to rescue the children from the cave

Thailand started the third phase of the operation to rescue the children from the cave

BANGKOK, 10 Aug — RIA Novosti. Thailand started the third phase of the evacuation of children from the flooded caves, said at a briefing in the press center of the rescue operation, the chief of its joint staff of Narongsak Osathanon.


Work to bring the teen to the surface resumed at 10:08 local time (07:08 MSK). Rescuers expect to evacuate the remaining in the cave five people — four children and their coach.

It is also planned to bring to the surface four personnel, including doctors who were with the kids all the time since their discovery.

“Today, up will be released all nine people”, — concluded Osathanon.

What happened

Twelve teenagers from the local Junior football team and their coach disappeared on June 23. After almost ten days of searching they found alive in the cave Tham Luang.

It turned out that they went to semikilometrovaya the cave was cut off from access because of flash floods. The children and their coach was weak from hunger. While the rain continues to fall, the exit of the cave is closed with water.

Rescue operation

Now in the cave remain four teenagers and their coach.

The operation is fraught with significant difficulties, because growing up in the mountainous region students do not know how to swim. Five frogmen and two medic taught them breathing in scuba gear. Children have to overcome partially or completely flooded areas up to 200 meters each.

Process the exit surface takes several hours. All the way in the cave corridors put spare cylinders of compressed air and other diving equipment.