Grudinin gave Zhirinovsky proshparennye 100 kilos of strawberries

Grudinin gave Zhirinovsky proshparennye 100 kilos of strawberries

Moscow. July 10. INTERFAX.RU — LDPR Leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky received won in a dispute with Pavel Grudinina 100 pounds of strawberries.

Policy bet on who will win in the quarterfinals of the world Cup. Zhirinovsky put on a victory of Belgium, and Grudinin — Brazil.

“I put on a victory of Belgium over Brazil, and Pavel Grudinin lost us a hundred pounds of strawberries. Yesterday it was delivered and we gave the apparatus of the state Duma,” Zhirinovsky told reporters on Tuesday.

He immediately asked, whether distributed to media representatives working in the state Duma, strawberries. Zhirinovsky also asked the assistants to bring the strawberries comers.

It’s a real, recent suburban strawberries. We are not sorry, not well we bought, got for free. But we won, Grudinin lost, he put on Brazil.Mr Zhirinovskyites LDPR

The strawberries later really brought the hall to work in the state Duma of the accredited journalists.

The match Brazil-Belgium in the ¼ finals of the world Cup took place on 6 July and ended with the victory of the Belgians 2-1.