The ECHR ordered Russia to pay the Soviet debt bonds

The ECHR ordered Russia to pay the Soviet debt bonds

MOSCOW, 3 Jul — RIA Novosti. The European court of human rights ordered Russia to pay debts of the Soviet Union at the premium bonds of the state domestic premium loan of 1982.

As published on the website of the court document States that Russia, after the collapse of the Soviet Union undertook to pay the debt to bondholders, however, did not fulfill its obligations.

“Today the decision in the case “Volokitin and others versus Russia”, the ECHR unanimously found a violation of article 1 of Protocol No. 1 to the European Convention on human rights in relation to some participants,” the document says.

The court ruled that Russia should pay different amounts of three of 15 applicants, as well as compensation for moral damages to be allocated to each of them 1800 EUR.

The rest of the plaintiffs the court ruled to pay compensation amount from 30 to 1,500 euros for legal costs.

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