How Hollywood inspires the famous French robber

How Hollywood inspires the famous French robber

Now Redouane faid again wanted after escaping from prison by helicopter.

About 3,000 officers are looking for now across France, the perpetrator of Sunday’s second escape from prison in five years. This time 46-year-old Redouane faid, who is serving a 25-year sentence for armed robbery in 2010 in which a policeman was killed, managed to escape via helicopter and armed accomplices.

Law enforcement agencies are fully mobilized in search of this man.Edouard Filippelli Minister of France

The police have one advantage: fayeed is a famous person.

In 2009, after a 10-year sentence for a series of armed robberies of banks, faid asked the journalist to write his memoirs. After the book and subsequent interviews Faida French TV channels Paris police gave him the nickname “the Writer”. In the memoirs of the faid admitted that he built his criminal career in Hollywood movies. According to him, most of all he was impressed by the film “Fight,” directed by Michael Mann with al Pacino and Robert de Niro in the lead roles. If that’s the manna he called his “best technical consultant”.

In 2009 Fayeed even managed to talk to Mann during a presentation in Paris of the film “johnny D.” about Bank robber John Dillinger. “I told him, as his films can inspire young people. He was a little confused,” is written in the book of faida. “Thank you for that. Don’t know what to say,” said Mann.

Even greater fame faid purchased in 2013, when he made the first daring escape. He blew up several doors in a prison near Lille, using the passed him the explosives, and took hostage four prison guards. But six weeks later the police caught him at dawn, when he slept in the hotel room.