Found in Thailand, children can spend in the cave for a few months

Found in Thailand, children can spend in the cave for a few months

Due to the ongoing rainy season was found in Thailand teenagers and their coach, may have to spend in the cave for several months, said representatives of the army.


The search for the missing football team lasted nine days. On Monday, the teenagers found the British divers John Volanthen and Rick Stanton. Valentina had a video camera on which he recorded the time of the meeting.

All 13 people alive and almost unscathed, although very weak, so spent nine days without light and food. To bring them food so far failed due to rising water levels.

Perhaps the food of the children will have to provide a few months as to get out of the cave until they can’t.

Now they are trying to provide electricity and communication to enable them to contact the parents, said the Governor of the province.

As they are found?

Children found the British divers who flew to Thailand on Monday. The first video contact with them was posted on Facebook by forces Thai special forces.

In the video, the children sit on the hill and answer questions from the rescuers. They say that all 13 people are safe, and all very hungry.

They ask, how long are already in the cave and whether they were now to go there. Divers say that you need to wait, but encouraging, promising that soon people will come back with help.

One of the boys replies, “Then I’ll see you tomorrow.”