Putin urged the graduates to act and not to limit the huskies in social networks

Putin urged the graduates to act and not to limit the huskies in social networks

MOSCOW, June 23. /TASS/ — the President congratulated the graduates on completion of studies in a special video message.

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Russian graduates on the study termination at school and wished them not to limit the huskies in social networks, and to dare and act for the future of breakthrough.

“Don’t just huskies in social networks, act, acquire new knowledge, go ahead,’ he said in a special video message posted on a social network “Vkontakte””.

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Congratulating the graduates on finishing school, the head of state noted that for them “today one of the most remarkable, memorable days, good, heartwarming, exciting and a little sad.”

“After all, you are parting with the native school, and in front of the beginning of a new, big step in life, expectations of rapid exciting change, he explained. — It’s time to set meaningful, real adult goal. No doubt you are ready for this, and the school gave you a good, reliable Luggage for the future”.

According to Putin, “the energy of change, challenges always inspire, help to achieve a bright, soaring victories in school and in the profession, in science, art and sports”. He is convinced that the younger generation are able to realize their wildest dreams, to conquer the biggest peaks.

“You will quickly master new technologies, today a lot of knowledge in this, of course, your own merit and, of course, a huge sincere thanks to your parents, teachers, mentors for the hard work, wisdom and patience, — the President added. We all believe in you, respect your Outlook on life, your Hobbies, even if they differ from ours, your choice of life path. It is these people — bold, free, strong, independent and responsible — able to transform the country and make a real breakthrough, surprise the world with new records and discoveries.”

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