Top Manager Netflix got fired for insulting blacks

Top Manager Netflix got fired for insulting blacks

MOSCOW, June 23 — RIA Novosti. Executive communications Director at the American film company and broadcaster Netflix Jonathan Freedland fired for using in the workplace against blacks, according to the publication the Hollywood Reporter, citing a statement by the head of the company.

“I made the decision to leave Jonathan Fredland. Jonathan has invested a lot in different areas, but the use of words with the letter “n”(“n-word”)… showed unacceptably low racial sensitivity is not consistent with the values of the company”, — quotes the edition statement by the Director and founder reed Hastings.

Reported to Friedland several times used the word during his meetings with other employees. The former Executive Director apologized for the incident and claims that one of the cases was associated with the discussion of words that add “insult Comedy”.

Director of Netflix, said that the attitude to the “n-word” is different in different parts of the world, but the word is “ugly” and should not be used necersarily people.

Freeland worked for Netflix for about 7 years. Previously, he was senior Vice President for communications at the Walt Disney Co, and also worked as a reporter and editor at publications The Wall Street Journal and Far Eastern Economic Review.