British students launched into the stratosphere pudding. He lost

British students launched into the stratosphere pudding. He lost

British pudding, was launched into space with a tracking device was gone from screens of monitors.

Dessert launched into space, students of the primary school SV. Anselm’s in Derbyshire on Monday, attached it to the improvised balloon to raise money for charity.

We did it! Year 4 have sent an original Bakewell Pudding into the stratosphere on a High Altitude Balloon! It is currently travelling at an altitude of 13,033 m with an air temperature of -36 degrees, en route to Lincolnshire! #Bakewell #PeakDistrict @RealBakewellPud

— S. Anselm”s Prep (@SAnselmsPrep) June 18, 2018

As shown by the tracking device, the pudding has risen to 16 kilometers. The last signal from the balloon did when he was over the village Saxilby, in Lincolnshire.

Students still hope to get dessert.

It was expected that the pudding will rise to a height of 35 kilometers.

“Last year we launched a balloon to high altitudes, to prepare for this experiment. The ball found the couple on the beach near Skegness. They contacted us on the ball was our contact and were told where he was found,” says the school head teacher Liz Scott.

Thanks to @BBCRadioDerby for braving the windy start to join us this morning for our High Altitude Balloon launch. The children loved beign interviewed and it all added to the excitement! Our balloon with #Bakewell Pudding attached is en route for Lincolnshire @RealBakewellPud

— S. Anselm”s Prep (@SAnselmsPrep) June 18, 2018

“We hope that something similar will happen this time, and we know where he graduated from its way the pudding,” she says.

She said that students have collected about 1,600 pounds for the charity that trains guide dogs to find sponsors among local businesses was part of the task which they set before the experiment.