Reckless tourist nearly lost his arm, patting the lion

Reckless tourist nearly lost his arm, patting the lion

Ranger believes the man is lucky to be alive.

A tourist on Safari in South Africa patted the king of beasts from the open car window. Leo growled and made a movement like he wants to attack. The tourist is so startled that he almost dropped the camera and went to close the window. Ranger Safari Park Naas Smith said the tourist was lucky that the predator grabbed him and pulled out of the window, reports the Daily Mail.

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“Only people working in the environment of wild animals, you know the speed of a lion, he could tear the hand of the man concerning it. He easily could have caught the camper and pull out through the open window, and jump into a jeep and to deal there with all. They were lucky to get away with it. When people behave with wild animals, they get what they deserve” — said the expert. He added that if a lion killed a tourist, then it would have had to kill that lion, and if he is the head of the pride, it could lead to tragic consequences. “My planet” wrote about no less reckless tourists who wanted to take pictures with cheetahs.