The former co-owner of “Mosoblbank” Andrzej Malczewski died in the colony

The former co-owner of “Mosoblbank” Andrzej Malczewski died in the colony

The former co-owner of “Mosoblbank” Andrzej Malczewski died in the hospital at the colony, where he was serving a term of four years especially for large-scale fraud.

About it RBC was told by his lawyer Andrew Straw. The cause of death of the prisoner is not yet established, but the lawyer said that Mr. Malczewski “died from disease”. “He felt bad, he was transferred to the hospital. I am not going to comment on (the cause of death.— “B”), because documents still not received an autopsy today. Data on violent death is not” — said Mr. Straw.

The death of the entrepreneur RBC confirmed the National horse Park “Rus” belonging to structures Andrzej palchevskogo. According to the employee of the Park, Mr. Malczewski died on the 16th day.

FSIN also confirmed the death of Mr. palchevskogo and stated that the former founder of Mosoblbank died in hospital after health complaints.

“13 Jun convicted Malczewski A. R. appealed to the medical unit of the correctional institution where he was serving a sentence, with complaints of feeling unwell. During the inspection signs of violence or poisoning was found. On the same day, urgently the convict Malczewski was hospitalized to the Ryazan regional clinical hospital. However, the patient’s condition has not improved. 16 Jun he died”, — reported in the service.

In 2016, the court found the Andrzej palchevskogo, former Chairman of the Board Victor Ioannina, as well as his former Deputy Julius Sedeno guilty of large-scale embezzlement of funds of depositors. They had four, seven, and three years in prison, respectively. In February, “Kommersant” it became known that Mosoblbank was planning to recover from your former co-owner of the damage, estimated at 67.8 billion rubles.