Mireille Mathieu: France needs Russia, and Russia needs France

Mireille Mathieu: France needs Russia, and Russia needs France

Famous French singer, said the “Storm” about his impressions of the world Cup.

Famous French singer Mireille Mathieu made a special trip to Russia to see the opening of the world Cup. In an exclusive interview with “the Storm,” she said about who will be cheering at these events, how to behave in case of victory, the French fans, and what are the similarities of football with music and why Putin Macron led heart talks.

— Mademoiselle Mathieu, in a recent interview to our newspaper you said that You want to be on the world Cup. What are Your impressions?

You’re right, my dream came true. I attended the opening of the world Cup, it was a Grand ceremony. In the stands, I saw the flags of all countries of the world. Everything was great. I agree with Vladimir Putin, who said that it was a feast of football. And I want to congratulate you, your team deservedly won with the score 5:0. The whole country cheered, the audience cheered. It was a great game.

— Who will you support, which games are you planning to watch? How often do You follow football when there is such great competition?

— I hope that, despite my employment, I will find time to watch some matches. Like the French, of course, I’ll be rooting for your team. Football is a feast for the players and for the fans, and I think that the most important is the participation in this celebration. Yesterday I saw the General jubilation. Everywhere, and in my hotel, people hugged, shook each other hands. This is the joy of universal Union, is the whole world. Lucky for me, I am personally familiar with two great players: Pele and Diego Maradona. It’s two great football player with a completely different style of game. But they are awesome players.

— Do You think anyone has a chance to become the champion this time?

— I will be happy if you win my country. And everyone’s happy when their country wins. I was at the world Cup in 1998, when France became the champion. It was an unforgettable moment. Everyone was happy, hugging each other. And when your country won the first victory, was the same: everyone hugged, shook each other’s hands to congratulate him.