Scientists called the necessary for weight loss product

Scientists called the necessary for weight loss product

Scientists from Columbia University in new York found a way to reduce people’s craving for sweet and fatty foods and lose weight.

Experts conducted an experiment involving volunteers suffering from excess weight. For several weeks the subjects were asked to eat dishes, richly spiced with chili and ginger, including people had to drink ginger tea.

The results showed that after consuming such foods, the participants in the experiment decreased craving for sweets, salty and fatty.

And those who drank ginger tea, saturated faster and thus eat less.

As noted by REN TV, the reason for such results, the researchers called the high content of active components, capsaicin and Imperial in Chile and ginger.

When consumed, these substances increase the temperature of the body, increasing blood flow and sweating.

The result burns more calories aktiviziruyutsya metabolism that leads to burning fat and losing weight.

On 17 June it was reported that scientists call essential hypertensive patients and diabetics product that can improve the endocrine and cardiovascular systems of the body.