In Japan, nearly collided two F-15 and civilian aircraft

In Japan, nearly collided two F-15 and civilian aircraft

TOKYO, June 16 — RIA Novosti. Commission on security on transport of the Ministry of land, infrastructure, transport and tourism of Japan will send several experts in Naha airport on the island of Okinawa to investigate the incident, in which two fighters of the air force left on the runway at the time of the landing of civil aircraft and thus created a potential emergency situation, Kyodo news Agency reported.

The Agency with reference to representatives of the airport reports that two F-15 air force in Japan had to fly to an emergency interception of a foreign aircraft which was near the border of the airspace of the country. At the same time I was making my descent a civilian Board airlines Ryukyu Air Commuter, on Board of which there were 35 passengers.

The airport Manager said that told the jet pilots to stop and not to go on the runway to landing of a civil aircraft. In turn, the military claimed that did not hear the order Manager, the Agency said.

As a result, the airport Manager had to contact the pilot of civil aircraft and stop the landing, when the aircraft was five miles from the runway and was flying at an altitude of 300 meters. The Agency said that the fighters almost immediately rose into the air, and the pilot of civil aircraft executing repeated landing approach, as permission to land was given by the Manager two minutes later after the first order.