Scientists have predicted the possible consequences of US use of nuclear weapons

Scientists have predicted the possible consequences of US use of nuclear weapons

Scientists from Michigan technological University came to the conclusion that if the United States preemptively use nuclear weapons, and the enemy would never answer, still kill millions of Americans.

Experts have modeled various scenarios and figured out that the theory about a possible victory when a nuclear strike of the aggressor is not true. They came to the conclusion that any nuclear attack could threaten the extinction of not only the inhabitants of the country, which is attacked, but all of humanity.

According to Science Alert, this will happen due to global nuclear winter, the so — called environmental retaliation.

It manifests itself in the form of radioactive rain that will fall across the globe. However, due to formed after the explosion cloud of soot and smoke, the sun’s rays cannot reach the earth’s surface, which will lead to famine even in those countries that have not participated in the conflict.

This phenomenon had been predicted by American astronomer Carl Sagan in the twentieth century.

Scientists estimate that if the US uses 7 thousand nuclear warheads, it will die from hunger about 5 million Americans.

The “safe” number of missiles fired, with minimal losses from subsequent environmental impact — no more than 100.

The researchers stressed that their calculations are highly conservative, and the consequences can be much worse.

In April experts from the USA have modeled the consequences of the explosion of a nuclear warhead near the White house. Published video demonstrates the spread of radiation in Washington with a population of 730 thousand people and its impact on people.

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