Russian teacher undressed in support of colleagues

Russian teacher undressed in support of colleagues

Victoria Popov, 26-year-old teacher from Omsk, was fired because of the scandal caused by her photo in a bathing suit. However, she stood up for other teachers.

Russian teacher get naked in support of their colleagues from Omsk to Victoria Popova, who was dismissed from school for a photo in swimsuit. In social networks is gaining popularity flashmob “Teachers are people too”.

Teachers from different regions of the mass placed on the pages of a photo in swimsuits. Protesters for more than two thousand, among them, as reported in “Superomsk”, the head of the Department of culture of Omsk — Anna Statue.

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26-year-old Victoria Popova was fired from school for a photo shoot in the style of pin-up in swimsuit. It was an advertisement for the shop for women with curvaceous.

Victoria herself explained that the photos were shared without her knowledge. It was placed in the model Agency for models plus-size bed in which she studies in her spare time.

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Says the correspondent of the newspaper “Omsk-inform” Svetlana dubchenko:

“Due to the fact that the Omsk mass-media actively wrote, darn it all at the Federal level, commented there too, some of the MPs at the Federal level, so the area is very fast reflexes, and decided to talk to her, even faster it turns out than to launch the campaign. We have the Deputy Minister also posted his photo, Deputy Minister of culture Anna Statue. Lately it’s actually surprising that the professional community for the first time reacted this way. Yes, resonance. Opinions differ, of course, expressed. To the extent that “Oh, here’s a picture you can get in Playboy or Maxim”. Teachers generally write that they have the right to display themselves in swimsuits. But there is also the point of view of parents who, for example, believe that it is immoral”.

Victoria herself is in no hurry to go back to school after the scandal with the photo shoot. On the proposal of the Department of education to return, she said she’ll think about it.