Charlie Chaplin was the author of a popular meme (photo)

Charlie Chaplin was the author of a popular meme (photo)

That Charlie Chaplin created one of the most popular Internet memes Distracted boyfriend (in the Russian version of “the Wrong guy”), drew the attention of Twitter users.

Netizens found a silent film of 1922, “payday” with Charlie Chaplin in the lead role, and proved that there exists exactly the same scene as in the famous picture. Now the ancestor of all the meme called that Chaplin, who turned around after a beautiful girl almost a hundred years ago.

Charlie Chaplin with Phyllis Allen, playing his wife, in Pay Day (1922)

— Silent Movie GIFs (@silentmoviegifs) June 11, 2018

#Distracted boyfriend meme is on point folks!!!

— PrimeFeed (@PrimeFeed_in) April 30, 2018

Restoring justice, Twitter users began posting a frame from a silent movie as the “real” meme about her unfaithful boyfriend.

I’m very sorry for this, but…

— Peter Goldberg (@peeto_g) June 11, 2018

By the way, Charlie Chaplin is not the only precursor to the Distracted boyfriend. Previously, users found the “original” meme, a picture, written in 1761.

— Taffin (@i124nk8) June 11, 2018

The car Henry Ford I and traditional wagon with horses

I am also sorry.

— Andy Fanton (@YourPalFanton) June 11, 2018

Modern movies, I’m a silent movie