Trump believes the EU in the trade sphere “worse than China”

Trump believes the EU in the trade sphere “worse than China”

The President of the United States Donald trump believes that the EU in the trade sphere “worse than China”. He stated in a personal conversation with French leader Emmanuel Macron.

The conversation occurred on 24 April, writes portal Axios, citing its own sources in the Washington administration. Allegedly during the meeting macron suggested the Trump cooperation, noting that they have a common problem in China that head of the White house replied that the EU is even worse. Then the leaders began to discuss export a car from Germany.

On 9 June it became known that at least 29 of the EU ambassadors in the United States wrote a letter to the American leader Donald Trump, in which he criticized the imposition of trade duties and called for the establishment of a fair and open trading system.

USA 1 June introduced import duties on steel and aluminium from EU member States as well as Canada and Mexico. In addition, Washington announced the introduction of customs duties at 25% on goods from China. The American leader has explained such actions by American producers.