“Tumble in the camera monster”

“Tumble in the camera monster”

In Russian prison you can learn about the people, but you need to take fat.

Remand centres and correctional colonies remain in places of maximum concentration of the “Russian hell”. The complaint behind the complaint, checking for validation essentially do not affect the situation. Extreme news from “the world” was the criminal prosecution of the former head of the “model” IK-7 in the Karelia Republic, which complained before activist Ildar Dading and allegedly did not find anything illegal. It has now emerged that the institution had a system of torture and extortion. Sources in law enforcement bodies consider that it is okay explaining features of “red zones” and opposed to “black”.

This becomes even worse. Behind bars people live and survive. Die and are born again, but forever other alien and unnecessary to society. The stories of former prisoners, trapped in this hell of ordinary urban intellectual environment — in the material “Tape.ru”.

Eat your


In prisons we have awful food. Why we have still such things as parcels in prisons, which in any European jail no, because it promotes the discarding of unlawful things. And there we have it, because in prisons the food so that, if you live in one soup, a year can the stomach to spoil.

Gruel is the common name of the soup. I have to “Water” (detention facility No. 5 “Vodnik”) was such a wonderful soup. If you do it in 15 minutes don’t eat it, he already does not. After half an hour it is possible a spoon to stick. There is now combiine that bring in large blue barrels and loaded in all prison food. They rate the caloric content perform: pour all the fat, the food is terribly greasy. But reporting is fats to eat, carbohydrates have proteins are.


The food was bad. I f there are more than two years. And I can say that with time becomes better. When I came, was absolutely brutal with food. The soup was a yellow jelly-like substance with little pieces of soy meat, which we called “Whiskas”.

For a second there fish balander consolidates barrels of this fish, he hasn’t opened the feeders, we already know that it is a fish, because the smell is nauseating on the whole corridor went. This fish was called “mass grave.”

It seemed that in this barrel threw a grenade and there it all worked out — mash of bones, scales, eyes. It was only under threat of starvation. If you have, then you eat the transfer and not taken, of course, all this stuff. To 2008, mu was better. When I changed, in my opinion, three of the warden. Every previous left with corruption scandals. I remember, in the winter of 2007 we were fed two weeks in a row all the time, sardines in tomato sauce. Breakfast was anchovies mixed with cereal, lunch was soup from the same sprat and the sprat. There were rumors that it was some kind of humanitarian aid, expired pilchards presented as humanitarian aid and we were stuffed with this sprat.


When I was sitting at Petrovka 38, and there gave green soup with egg and sausage and mash. They give the same thing in the dining room for the police. If we compare “the Prison” and the colony, the colony was better. But if on average, in prison we give taste good cooked, but absolutely healthy diet. It is quite possible to live and not have to pretend to be… If people on the outside dieted and didn’t eat after six, then for them it’s easy.

Nutrition is almost unique in Russian prisons point, which is strictly observed. Only in exceptional cases there are such significant acts when the person does not want, for example, than to admit of the administration, it may be deprived of lunch. But dinner with. You have to understand that garbage tsinovskii — incredible panties.

Who support will, so not bad at all. I had a friend in the colony, who gave a chicken a duck. And he lived on them.

Although there are limitations, I think 30 pounds in two months. But if you’re not putting the novels of Victor Hugo, the grub using parcels, you can get a lot.

I am no one passed. There was no one. And nothing survived.

Watch the Bazaar


Me it in Russian sometimes to talk to. If you take a Moscow prison, 80 percent of the population is Asians and Caucasians. I had a moment when I was the only native speaker of Russian language.

Even the prisoners do have a favorite game is a morally pogirai neighbor. 20 men are sitting locked in a room of 30 square meters. And they have nothing to do. They sit there for years. They are looking for schools, finding fault with the wrong words.


Winter stopped by in a large number of the homeless, they need somewhere to spend the winter, and they were stealing a bottle of brandy in the store, knowing that under [article] 158 (“Theft”) you get just three or four months that they spent the winter.

They picked up lice and all their inherent background. Tumble into the chamber of the monster, which had to wash, to give clothes. Now, in my opinion, in Moscow prisons in the chamber fall through sanitation — shower, fried things. For me, this was not — they took it and went.


Beginners pin up, can make cleaners at first, even newusername. A lot depends on which camera you get. If there are three or four people where I am, there is nothing will not. In such cameras sit economists, businessmen, and so on.

But if the camera is on the 40 man, there is all. It is not always predictable. This was the case with my friend who was in this cell where the active parohody decided to fuck around with nerds. And he has already sat down before and tried their word that it was “not on concepts”. Ended being settled out.

If the prison gets a total nerd is objectively terrible. Only in very rare cases, these do not touch. But there are also physicists who are engaged in Boxing?


In the chamber there are certainly five or six Caucasians who will do namaz. Get on your these beds, put the sheets and pray.

The rest of the time they can mercilessly swear, what the Qur’an does not allow.

It’s all the same hypocrisy, as in many prison Orthodoxy.

Once you enter, no one will drive at once. There will be questions: “who are You?” This is the answer: “Man.” “Well come on, tell me”. Before that — two or three days of prison, and you’re kind of a little bit happy to get out to people. So the left of the entrance on the floor sits a man is omitted. This need to know, such a person cannot shake hands, although he needs the rules to tell.

Once a person in any category will not put. Some live a long time as povorotniki or semi*****s.

Often omitted are those who, somewhere and somehow shown negligence, said something wrong: what is a French kiss or about how he cheated on his wife, and so on. This is not to be done — it’s dirty.

Camp law, paradoxically, is based on the Holy. Mom, as you know, there is no verbal insult even.No pain