New Internet craze: men with beards frighten your selfie

New Internet craze: men with beards frighten your selfie

The social network embraced the new craze: a bearded man photographed the vegetation in her face, staring at the ceiling, and then post pictures in the social network, bringing other users into a frenzy.

“A bearded man staring at the ceiling for your viewing pleasure, enjoy. Do not say that I have nothing to show,” — it seems that with this post on Twitter began a new network epidemic.

Men with beards looking upwards for your viewing pleasure. Don’t say I don’t give you anything

— Dan (@ehdannyboy) 2 Jun 2018

The record received tens of thousands of comments and retweets, and soon, the bearded men around the world have started to publish selfies from unexpected angles.

It looks somewhat wildly, for some Internet users too. Men are asked to “stop looking up”, but they continue, and this fad quickly spread throughout the world.

Some for effect pririsovyvat neck, eyes and mouth to get such person.

They are a fabulous idea. My contribution

— MigueldOliveira (@MigueldOliveira) 2 Jun 2018

In honor of that viral tweet of people looking up with their beards, I thought I’d share mine.

— Michael Kaz (@Mkazmierczak61) 2 Jun 2018

Or use elements of the landscape as the backdrop.

— Kieron Gillen (@kierongillen) 2 Jun 2018

The bearded correspondent of the BBC BBC Newsbeat Jim Connolly also participated in the flashmob.

“To capture and beard, and the background turned out to be harder than it looks,” shares Connolly.


— Jim Connolly (@gyme7) 3 Jun 2018

As always, “Twitter” events are developing rapidly, and soon some users started asking bearded men to cease, and others even think about whether choose partners for relationships.

I don’t want a tall guy with a beard anymore. Imagine ur mans 6’0 looking straight ahead at something, and while u rest ur head on his chest u look up to see his face but instead u see this. I would actually scream.

— nai? (@adibanaina) 3 Jun 2018

Don’t want tall guy with a beard. Imagine: your boyfriend, was over six feet tall, looking right. You put your head on his chest, look up to see his face and see that… I would really yelled