Feel the head of a woodpecker?

Feel the head of a woodpecker?

Find out on the bird trills, which she publishes, not everyone can. But to mix with someone of a woodpecker impossible. His knock on wood forest is the most recognizable sound. Woodpeckers are the only family of birds that is able to banging your head for hours.

Daily value by the number of strikes is not, as much depends on the reason why a woodpecker pecking a tree. In the winter he’s doing it to feed themselves, and capable of destroying rotten trees for one to three hours. The frequency of cutting will depend on how many tree insect larvae, which eats a woodpecker. And you first need to know exactly where the cavity with them. To obestochivaete tree with this aim the woodpecker can for hours, making up to two attacks per second.

However, with breaks. Total it turns out about 3,000-4,000 blows per minute!

But these larvae have yet to reach…

It happens that the woodpecker chops already dry wood. Then he needs to make not less than 10 000 — 12 000 shock to eat. The larvae, he pulls out from the resulting chipping of moves in between shots.

In the spring of hassle added. At least in the male. During this period, it is necessary to take care of attracting females. The duration of the marriage of the fraction in different species are different, an average of 2-3 seconds. During this time, the woodpecker makes at least seven fast strokes. And the frequency of such fractions may reach up to 10-20 per hour. If we consider that the current lasts for a fraction no more than two hours, it turns out that just a peckerwood beats his head against a tree about 157 times.

But to attract a mate is not enough. We still have to make the hole, and it must be between one and five hours. It all depends on the density of the wood and distractions, such as, for example, protection of the territory.