The brawlers turned it off. The land and water

The brawlers turned it off. The land and water

Airlines today have the right for a year to get rid of the need to service the troublemakers on Board: the bullies are now entered in the register of “unwanted passengers” that the airlines can not sell tickets for subsequent flights.

The decision to get into the “black list” of specific traveler, the airline accepts the verdict of the court or of the decision about appointment of administrative punishment.

Under the law, to get into such a register for disorderly conduct on Board (point “b” of article 213 of the criminal code), for actions that threaten the safe operation of vehicles (article 267.1 of the criminal code), or if the passenger refused to comply with lawful orders of the commander of the ship (article 11.17 of the administrative code).

The passenger has the right to challenge the introduction of “black list” in court, if the court will support him, he will leave a list of undesirable customers of the airlines. Or aviakerosene have to wait a year for removal from the registry.