The new Prime Minister of Spain, refused the oath on the Bible

The new Prime Minister of Spain, refused the oath on the Bible

The leader of the Spanish socialist party Pedro Sanchez on Saturday was sworn in the Royal Zarzuela Palace and officially took office as Prime Minister of Spain.

Sanchez, being an atheist, refused to swear on the Bible, so the oath was received by the king, Philip VI, the newspaper El Mundo.

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The previous Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy was retired June 1 after he received a vote of confidence from Parliament over a corruption scandal. For his dismissal voted by 180 MPs out of 350. The initiator of the vote became the party of Sanchez.

In addition to Sanchez on Saturday in Spain has sworn in new Ministers of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Oath taking of the new head of the Catalan government Kim Torr. Speaking at the ceremony, he invited Pedro Sanchez “sit at the negotiating table and talk about how the government is with the government.”

The new government of Catalonia as well as the former adheres to the idea of independence. The previous composition of the Generalitat was dissolved in October last year by the decision of Rajoy. So the authorities reacted to the decision of Catalonia to secede from Spain.