Astrophysicists have predicted three paths of human development

Astrophysicists have predicted three paths of human development

A group of astrophysicists led by American Adam Frank built a model of the development of activitatii, in which they identified three possible ways of development of mankind, writes the magazine The Atlantic.

MOSCOW, 2 Jun — RIA Novosti. In the model astrophysicists civilization used resources for evolution and expansion. The more resources extracted from the bowels of the planet, the wider population, however, proportionately deteriorate the environmental conditions. In the end, the environment must go across the boundary when the population growth becomes unstable, and it will face the threat of extinction.

So scientists have added to the model, the switch between the two types of resources. So, the first option produces a lot of energy, but ecology is much worse. When using the resources of the second type of energy production is incomparably greater, but the conditions of life no harm is applied.

Researchers have identified the three most likely scenarios.