The woman in red. Top 10 spies of the Soviet cinema

The woman in red. Top 10 spies of the Soviet cinema

The screens of the country on 30 may is out “Red Sparrow”, is quite contradictory spy movie about the Russian agents, the main place on the bed. The scenario was composed by a former CIA agent that, in theory, should give the painting authenticity.

Believe, judging by the reviews of critics, not all, but a portal asked the journalist Alexei Korolev to remember our kinorabotah in the domestic film industry. Real and fictional, but in any case the real.

10. Anya / Evgeny Lebedev (Anastasia Voznesenskaya)

“Major Vikhr’, 1967

Young beauty ascension surgically precise played bigeye Moscow girl Anya Zhenya, abandoned, composed of hastily collected reconnaissance under Krakow, and just in front of the audience build up muscles of steel and nerves of steel, and turning from victim to hunter, from recruiting — the recruiter, but what. In the book of Semenova image was painted more than scenarios, but the ascension is not confused, and best film role in a career she played in 24 years.

9. Marina Katanic (Rita Gladunko)

“The clock stopped at midnight”, 1958

In the late fifties in the movie it was not acceptable to display the real characters-the scouts under their real names. Marina Katanic is Elena Mazanik, housemaid and executioner of the Nazi Governor of Belarus Wilhelm Kube. In the organization of the famous operation to destroy Cuba played the leading role the agents of the NKGB, Maria Osipova and Nadezhda Troyan (displayed in the film under a collective image of Hanna Black), but mine is under the bed set that is a simple waitress dining room of the CC CP (b)b Mazanik, whose superhuman composure and inhuman hatred of the Nazis is more than compensated for the lack of any experience.

During the download an error has occurred.8. Helen Birch (Natalia Fateeva)

“I — “Birch”, 1964

Film Director Damir Vyatich-Berezhnykh debuted 40 years of adaptation of the passage of the story of Boris Polevoy “We — the Soviet people” and remained in the history of cinema this debut primarily due to the phenomenal casting. The main goddess of the then Soviet cinema Natalia Fateeva, just thundered all over the country in “Three plus two” plays an agent of the Soviet intelligence under the guise of a teacher of Russian language in the German officer school. And the beauty heroine here — her curse, her cross and her weapons much more formidable than the two-way radio.

7. Nina “Spoke” (Valentina Titova)

“Shield and sword” 1968

With this film began the famous creative and personal Union Basov and Titova, subsequently, taking multiple redundant forms (for example, in “Days of Turbin”). But here everything still looked fresh and beautiful as the actress. Alive to the poignancy assistant Beebe-Weiss looked dazzling even in German uniform, at least in thrown over her red shirt and white robe.

During the download an error has occurred.6. Maria Glukhova / Mar Schierke (Elena Kuzmina)

“Secret mission”, 1950

For the Stalinist cinema with his tank directness of expression and subcutaneous fear to give some important state secret (for example, details of the intelligence), “Secret mission” surprisingly plausible: after all, its outline is the history of the separate negotiations of the Nazis with the allies in the spring of 1945. Col Mikhail Romm failed much less than 23 years later Tatyana Lioznova, but “Stirlitz in a skirt,” the great, but absolutely not appreciated by any of his contemporaries-filmmakers, nor the descendants of Elena Kuzmina (and in her early films was “the Outskirts” and “New Babylon”) was released quite remarkable: after all, she had to play the weary intellectuals from the office of Schellenberg, and natural sadist-gestapovtsy.

5. Alba (Tatiana Samoilova)

“Alba Regia”, 1961

Strictly speaking, this film is a Hungarian-Soviet, and an invitation to a major role Samoilova, whose fame at the time was prohibitive, was somewhat speculative in nature. But the actress pulled out quite an ordinary material, having not only male partners but also some of the Director. The conventionality of the image of its heroine, a spy without a past and future, by the will of fate forced to act not openly aggressive, but rather restrained the hostile atmosphere of military of Hungary, is formed in the aesthetics of the sixties, when even films about scouts was filmed in a dramatic blur.

During the download an error has occurred.4. Anna Morozova (Ludmilla Kasatkina)

“Call the fire itself”, 1965

Another real figure, Bryansk legendary, the saboteur, first acting in his native woods, and at the end of the war bringing terror to the German rear in East Prussia. In the film by Sergei Kolosov heroine Kasatkina got a little more melodramatic than Morozov, apparently, was in a life, but caused a public outcry forced the authorities to assign the scout posthumously the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

3. Ekaterina Kozlova / Catherine Keane (Ekaterina Gradova)

“Seventeen moments of spring”, 1973

And again shifted the manhole, and again, hands spread on the edge of the mine two swaddled babies. Radistka cat — perhaps not the best minor character of the great series, its total human credibility far exceeds all the famous narrative tension. Grand gradova played tired of the war and the fate of a prostitute (maybe even the only such image in the Soviet spy movie!), finding new meaning of life not only with motherhood but also with the liberation from their hard work scout.

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“Diamonds for the dictatorship of the proletariat”, 1975

“Long have you been with us?” asks a music hall singer and agent Tallinn residency Cheka Lida, Bossa Maxim Maximovich Isayev (here played by Vladimir Ivashov). “For three years. Can’t wait to ask why?” — responsible heroine Piekha, but the source asks. The role is almost a cameo, but these few sentences are more than enough to finish the rest: among those who collaborated with Soviet intelligence in the European capitals, there were many people with biographies, in two words not retell. Peha is difficult to name an outstanding actress, but the natural gloss and charm was enough to play a woman, a mystery which was incidentally chosen profession scout.

1. Valentine Dovger (Victoria Fedorova)

“Strong-willed”, 1967

Real Valentine Dovger from childhood was fluent in German (pronunciation she put a distant cousin-German), had a remarkable good looks and enormous charm. And she avenged his father, murdered by Ukrainian nationalists. She was eighteen when she and Nikolai Kuznetsov crossed the front line and was connected to the famous scout, posing as his fiancée. In Asa illegal intelligence it has become in a matter of months — and in the end survived, lived a long and quiet life in Voronezh. The role of the Wali Dovger — best career Victoria Fedorova, the beauty of which was nowhere so appropriate as in the background of countless uniforms of the Wehrmacht and the SS.