Netizens argued whether you can take credit for the passport of the movie

Netizens argued whether you can take credit for the passport of the movie

It seems that Hollywood figures began a more responsible approach to their work.

A serious dispute broke out among Twitter users. The reason for the massive discussion was the post with the “Russian” passports Jennifer Lawrence close-up was shown in the film “Red Sparrow”.

Unlike other American paintings, where the filmmakers don’t bother with the credibility of the document, this time it turned out pretty realistic. But because in a Network there was a fantastic story that these cinemasports an unnamed resident of Russia managed to issue a microloan.

Dude watches a Blu-ray version of a movie Red Sparrow, sees a Russian passport of a protagonist played by Jennifer Lawrence. He puts it into online micro loan application and gets approved, received a loan.

— English Russia (@EnglishRussia1) May 28, 2018

Dude I watched a Blue-Ray version of the movie “Red Sparrow” and saw a Russian passport of the main character, played by Jennifer Lawrence. He sent his online application for obtaining a microloan and received approval

Looking at the document, some people seriously thought that this story could really happen.

Where did they get the loan from? I might quit my job tomorrow 🙂

— Justin Safa (@_JustinCS) May 28, 2018

Where he was decorated with the loan? I can quit my job tomorrow.

lol, i really hope this is true

— BurgerMcShitcoin? (@cryptoburger) May 29, 2018

LOL, I hope it’s true.

But most users still come to the conclusion that it is fake.

Microloans give not. Requires two documents. Pre-approve. Then pricolici, look extract and you. I sign the contract. It seems very fake.

— Chad Elf (@GBessarab) May 28, 2018

Amusing story, but that would never be used as sole documentation for a loan.

— Jacob nørgaard was (@jacobtf) May 29, 2018

Funny story, but for credit never used only one document.

Wrong MRZ – expiration date and etc and the passport number should contain a maximum 9 characters. The system will not approve it. He can upload it and then it will be rejected.

— mkjadee (@mkjadee) May 29, 2018

Incorrect expiration date and other data. Passport number should not contain more than nine characters. The system will not accept it. It is, of course, you can download, but the application would be rejected.

You can’t get loan with the international passport. Most likely bullshit.

Miroslav (@miroslav_jukov) May 29, 2018

You can’t get a loan for a passport. It is a fake.