Henry the robot is ready to save women from loneliness. What is the demand for sex robots

Henry the robot is ready to save women from loneliness. What is the demand for sex robots

Take out the garbage, and a song to sing: the American company Realbotix presented first sex robot for women by the name of Henry. It can maintain a friendly conversation and even read poetry. Vladislav Victorov and Lilia Ponomareva find out what is the meaning of “life” Henry.

Robot Henry is ready to make his mistress the compliment, to discuss her favorite TV shows or movies, to quote love songs. If needed, a mechanical one can offer to take out the garbage (but only offer).

Henry is a young man with a sports figure, the skin feels indistinguishable from the real — even the temperature is the same. The growth of the robot — about 180 centimeters, but at the customer’s request it can be changed, as well as the size of hands, feet and other body parts. The developers assure that its primary function — a sexual partner — he copes. Henry still needs work, but the most impatient customers who have already pre-ordered, the company is willing to send it to in the near future.

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Maybe the robot will be able to find a place in Russia. Anyway, the doors ready to open Russia’s first recreation center for adults Dolls Hotel. The project founder Dmitry Alexandrov says that the demand for extraordinary services exceeded expectations and they are ready to expand the audience:

There are statistics that about 50% of women ready to replace sex with a man to have sex with a robot if it gets better. Based on this statistics, I can say: if the demand will be, then we have it. If we are talking about male doll and there we are talking about the possession of artificial intelligence — if you can talk to the phone, why not talk to the dolls? Everything gradually goes to the fact that sexual partners will be replaced by robots. Our main goal is to let people know about sex and were not afraid to talk about it. And this mission lies on the shoulders of not only men but also women — they must also be competent sexually, and sex robots can help.

However, not all are so optimistic. For example, the representative of the network of shops “Point of love” Elena Galetskaya told “Kommersant FM” that for the last three years it sold only a few dolls of the previous generation of people are primarily deterred by the high price.

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“In retail, the price of a doll “female” starts from 1 million rubles. To increase the exchange rate, we bought two of these dolls, they cost twice less at the time. Now this item browse, but rarely buy. To do with the price tag of the product in Russia, few prospects, because it is available to a very limited circle of buyers who, having the means, however, is not particularly interested in it,” said Galetskaya.

Henry will cost approximately $15 thousand Price depends on the configuration. As stated at the presentation of the developers, the main mission of the sex robot to save women from loneliness. However, this method is more suitable for people in Asian countries, says psychologist Ekaterina Lebedeva. According to her, Russian women are the one talking is not enough: