The Polish newspaper told about the possible consequences of Ukraine’s withdrawal from CIS

The Polish newspaper told about the possible consequences of Ukraine’s withdrawal from CIS

The publication claims that Kiev may lose due to this step, the billions of dollars.

The Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita published an article which claims that withdrawal from the CIS may lead to Ukraine’s loss of billions of dollars and jobs more than three million Ukrainians working in Russia.

Kiev will have to decide which of the agreements do not follow the interests of Ukraine. Among the agreements of the CIS countries there are agreements on visa-free regime within the CIS, about cooperation of law enforcement agencies in the fight against organized crime, pensions, etc. “If Ukraine breaks off the treaties, more than three million Ukrainian workers will lose their places in Russia”, — told the newspaper the Professor of the Higher school of Economics Andrei Suzdaltsev. He added that “Kiev is set to make a spectacular gesture, like Georgia, which withdrew from the CIS, but keep the best for himself arrangements”.

According to the publication, Ukrainian economists consider to be the most important free trade agreement. The volume of trade relations between Ukraine and other CIS countries amounted last year to more than $ 16 billion. “Moscow remains the main trading partner of Kiev,” reports the article.

“In Kiev adopted a decision that will end the cooperation with the Pro-Russian structures. This is the most important political value. For Ukraine, the priority observance of agreements with the European Union, which would allow us to join it”, — said the former Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Volodymyr Ogryzko. The official said that, in his opinion, the government will review the agreement and may be followed by Georgia, concluding agreements with each CIS country separately.

Recall that on 12 April 2018 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed the government to start the procedure for the official release of the constituent bodies of the CIS. Because Kiev has not ratified the CIS Charter, the country is not a member of the organization and has the status of member and associate member. The organization, founded in 1991 on the basis of the Belavezha accords, includes nine participating countries: Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Ukraine and Turkmenistan have the status of associate member. Georgia left the CIS after the events of 2009.