American diplomats complained to the acoustic attack in China

American diplomats complained to the acoustic attack in China

The U.S. diplomatic mission in China told that their employee in this country has experienced an “abnormal sensation of sound and pressure”. He explained that they are “thin and vague”. This was reported on the website of the Embassy.

Diplomats have developed a special instruction for those who are experiencing similar symptoms. It is noted that the us government is serious about such statements. The document provides advice on what needs to move where there are no sounds, if the person begins to experience acute auditory and touch sensations.

In November 2016, American diplomats complained in Cuba for the malaise, including dizziness, nausea and hearing problems. It has affected more than 20 employees of the diplomatic mission in Havana, as well as two citizens of Canada. In the US, the incident tied with sound attacks.

The Cuban authorities denied any involvement, calling the message a “political manipulation”, the purpose of which was to undermine bilateral relations.

Beijing and Washington may 20 reached an agreement to end the trade war. China promised to increase imports from the United States.

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