“United Russia” has declared basic values

“United Russia” has declared basic values

The party summed up the discussions about his upgrades.

Monday “United Russia” at the joint meeting of the Supreme and General councils of the party (USGS) adopted the draft resolution, which expressed their core values. Discussing the ideology of “United Russia”, many experts agree that it remains the party of Putin’s majority. According to political analyst Evgeny Minchenko, “the ideological vagueness of the wording makes it easy to explain the zigzags of the political course”.

The draft resolution, which on Monday was adopted at a meeting wsgs, was the result of discussions in the regions on the upgrade and rebranding of the party. Also, the members discussed how to ensure accelerated socio-economic development, which the President said in a message on March 1 and new the may decrees. The project was quite large — 13 sheets. In this ideology, dedicated only one tenth of the document.

This section States that the basis of the activities of “United Russia” there are three basic values: human well-being, unity and sovereignty of the country, leadership and development.

In October, the Congress party will enter these values in the Charter.

The regions have had a request for the formulation of a clear ideological values and the image of the party, said in opening the conference the head of the political Department of the Executive Committee of “United Russia” Roman Romanov: “the Typical formulation of one of the regional offices that the party needs clear values and principles and not political concept. There is a demand of ideology, but there is no request on the ideological “isms” — communism, socialism, liberalism.”

“It is strange that the party members are asking questions about values, — immediately protested the coordinator of the expert Council of the party, the head of Fargo Konstantin Kostin.— Is this have any problem? One of the main values in the name — the “United Russia”. After the party was created when there was a threat of disintegration of the country.” Mr. Kostin was convinced all present that the party has “clear and understandable ideology, it is based on the values of Putin’s policies”.

He said the member of the Board of Directors of the Expert Institute of social studies, Gleb Kuznetsov. According to him, with the talk “about the party of Putin’s majority and the party, with an ideology where everything is clear, gets lost one important observation: the Putin majority, which is 18 Mar voted for him did not match the majority of “United Russia” — Putin’s the majority of much more.” According to experts, the party should find the answer to the question that she can give “needelessly part of Putin’s majority in terms of ideology and finding themselves.”

Mr. Kostin immediately called the speech of Gleb Kuznetsov provocative. He agreed that Putin’s majority more than the party, but noted that the presidential majority “tend to expand” and for party it is important to take advantage of it before its post-election ratings will begin to decline. Member of the Supreme Council of the party, political analyst Dmitry Orlov also noted that the “United Russia” “it is not necessary to go on than it’s worth”: “the”United Russia” has always been the party of Putin’s majority, and when the rate was liberal, and when he was conservative.”

Yevgeny Minchenko, who was present at the discussion site, devoted to ideology, told “Kommersant” that “the vagueness of the ideology of “United Russia” makes it easy to explain the zigzags of the political course”. The President of Fund “the Petersburg policy” Michael Vinogradov argues that “to the various “isms” voter, indeed, are often wary”. And now there is a desire to upgrade the party, especially ahead of September’s election, when voters will need to mobilize the second time this year, the expert continues. Proposed by the party’s three core values instead of a clear ideology are not designed for instantaneous results, especially in the post-election demobilization, when the ratings will fall at parties, says Mr. Vinogradov.

Sophia Samokhina