FT: Britain still considers the application Abramovich for a visa

FT: Britain still considers the application Abramovich for a visa

Russian businessman Roman Abramovich has not got a British visa, but his application is still considered. On 22 may, writes the Financial Times.

The procedure for the consideration of an investor’s visa is being delayed because the businessman filed papers from Russia, not from the UK. The British government refused to comment on this information.

Press Secretary Theresa may said that documents on the investor visa provides an additional check. He added that in 84% of cases, those requesting a visa be denied, as in 2014 the UK introduced new rules for the examination of documents on it. On the question whether the rule of Abramovich, he stated that he “does not discuss individual cases”.

May 20 edition of the Bell, citing sources close to Abramovich said that the billionaire has not received British visas. Because of this, Abramovich was unable to come to the finals of FA Cup football on 19 may. In the club “Chelsea”, which belongs to businessman, won the “Manchester United” with the score 1:0.

In March the British government decided to review all investor visas issued to Russians. This happened after the poisoning in Salisbury, the former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. London believes that the attack on them is Russia.