China banned violent comic about a Communist

China banned violent comic about a Communist

The administration of the cyber-security of China banned violent comics (rage comics) Manhua Baozou due movie 2014 on the Communist-hero Dong Cunrui. This writes Chinese edition Sixth Tone.

In early may, 58-second video reposted one of Chinese aggregator, and then Chinese authorities have asked Internet sites to remove content that “denigrates heroes and martyrs”. In China on may 1, entered into force the law “On the protection of the heroes”, the movie in question, the Administration is cybersecurity considered slander.

Soldiers of people’s liberation army Dong Cunrui in 1948, blew up the enemy bunker and killed himself in China he is considered a national hero. In videokomiks 2014 retold feat Cunrui, as it clarifies the Sixth Tone, the script of the movie was based on the pun, is associated with the KFC sandwich.

After the claims of the authorities Baozou comics Manhua disappeared from many popular Chinese platforms, which announced it had blocked the accounts Baozou.

First, it was the news sites. Then a joke-sharing app was taken down. Chinese censors are Now targeting rage comics – Baozou Manhua has shut down its online outlets after being criticized for insulting Communist martyr via @InkstoneNews

— Maydaa (@maydaephew) 19 may 2018

In the summer of 2017 in China began to move away from the Internet mentioning Winnie the Pooh. Wrote the Financial Times, this is due to the popular from the comparisons of Teddy bear with Chinese leader XI Jinping.