Alexei Kudrin went on the extension

Alexei Kudrin went on the extension

He did not intend to abandon its NCOs at the head of the accounting chamber.

Alexey Kudrin has agreed to be nominee for the Chairman of the accounts chamber (JV). In the case of appointment to this post he is going to keep and continue to post — the head of the Center for strategic research (CSR) and the Chairman of the Committee of civil initiatives (CGI). He said this after consultations with the Presidium of the Duma faction “United Russia”, which nominated him for the post. The President will choose the head of the joint venture at least three candidates.

After a meeting with United Russia Alexei Kudrin announced that “agreed to run for the post of Chairman of the joint venture”. Vladimir Putin and his nomination for the Chairman of the SP Alexei Kudrin, he said, are not discussed. “But he informed,” said he. However, performance on the candidate Kudrin in any case be sent to the President as soon as the state Duma officially accept the resignation of the head of SP Tatyana Golikova, who prepares to take the post of Deputy Prime Minister. Deputies must submit to the President at least three candidates, one of them the President will submit to the Duma for the appointment of the head of SP. While his nominee was decided, the “United Russia”. The Communist party is inclined to nominate the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on state construction Yuriy Sinel’shchikova, “Fair Russia” — the head of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov. The liberal democratic party may nominate your former colleague in the faction Maxim Rohmistrova, which in 2013 is the auditor of the joint venture.

Agreeing to return to the civil service, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin is not going to leave leadership positions in nonprofit organizations.

He said that he will remain Chairman of the Board, the President of CHY and the Kudrin Fund.

The law on civil service allows you to “participate in the management of non-profit organizations as the sole Executive body or of becoming a part of their collective management bodies” if Mr. Kudrin will do this “free of charge”. According to him, CSR “has accumulated a unique material, which is further need to develop” to build on it, “continue to lead the discussion with Parliament and with the government and presidential administration.”

In the OIG return of Mr. Kudrin to the civil service not a cause for concern. “He, when he headed the center for strategic research, said that OIG is endless projects”, — said “Kommersant” in the press service of OIG. “We need now only to these NGOs closely monitor incoming donations to them, completely abandoning the amounts that they transfer the state of the organization”, — said “Kommersant”, the Vice-President of the international anticorruption organization Transparency International Elena Panfilova. And Kudrin, in its opinion, more correct to refuse donations of commercial organizations in the capital which is the share of the state budget. Mr. Kudrin, it recommends that “to distance themselves from their relatives working in state institutions”: “Oh they must be told as a conflict of interest.”

Alexey Kudrin stated yesterday that “the audit chamber is quite broad powers.” The chamber in 2013 was not only a tool of parliamentary control, as it was laid down by the Constitution, but also the main body of the “external public audit”. “Now we are talking about making certain powers to make clearer,” said Mr. Kudrin. He called the principles that intend to follow, if you lead SP. According to him, “requires a clear linkage of strategic objectives and management results with the budget mechanisms.” Also “increased efforts are needed to improve methods of control”; “openly and continuously to inform the public about the implementation of stated national goals and strategic objectives.” Another “key focus” of the joint venture should be a “fight against corruption”, said Mr. Kudrin.

Viktor Khamraev